We would like to welcome you to these pages and hope that you find something of use or of interest. Everyone involved with the Talking News is dedicated to being more than just a news service. We strive to be the ‘friend that drops on our doormat once a week.’

If you are aware of anyone who would benefit from receiving a weekly Talking Newspaper, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Our service is completely free - we carry out our own fund raising - and we have been supporting our blind customers since 1981.

We are a service that we hope will one day hear the words “Sorry, nobody needs you anymore.” But so long as there is anyone in the area who is blind or visually impaired and is isolated, we will continue to provide and improve upon the service that we have organised for South Staffordshire for the past 35 years.

If you want to be a part of what we do, you will be just as welcome. Whatever, we thank you for the interest you have shown in getting this far into our website.

John May MBE


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What exactly do we do?

Well, every Wednesday and Thursday small groups of readers and a back up team record the news content from The Lichfield Mercury and other regional newspapers. This content is available for you to listen to by clicking the above link. We transfer this content onto memory sticks and then add to it up to 12 hours of additional material - Magazines - read by professional readers. Not that our readers locally are not professional, they just don't read for a living. 

So, after an hour or two we have the weekly Lichfield Mercury "on tape" (or more accurately on a memory stick) together with the additional magazine content I was mentioning. The magazines, although available to our blind listeners, are copyright protected and so cannot be listened to here. The magazines are household names and include such titles a My Weekly, Woman, Amateur Gardening and many more top quality productions.  

The memory sticks are then sent out by first class post to our listeners. They listen to the content at their leisure using a media player or "Boom Box" supplied by us. They return their memory stick post free to us when they are ready.

That's it! A simple service that provides so much pleasure to our listeners.



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