About us

The Lichfield & District Talking Newspaper began production in November 1981 with important backing from Lichfield Lions Club and also both the Rotary and Round Table groups that operated in Lichfield at that time, plus there was support from local Councillors, such as Stan Smith, who was Mayor at the time. Both the Lions Club and Lichfield Rotary St Chad have maintained close ties with the Talking Newspaper over the ensuing years and have regularly provided essential funds.

Other organisations that have been important to the Talking News include Lichfield Soroptimists and several of the local Women's Institutes who provide ongoing support as well as funds.
In recent years it has been the Trusts that operate in the city that have been vital to our survival and expansion, in particular the Mary Slater Trust, Michael Lowe Charity, Conduit Lands Trust, Municipal Trust and Swinfen Broun charity.

We have also received support from the Staffordshire Wellbeing Fund and this has helped us move forward and expand our services considerably.

Running costs have escalated in recent years but we have managed to keep at the forefront of technology with the newspaper being issued now on memory sticks which hold vast amounts of digital listening.

This move to digital technology had an immediate and profound effect. Listeners are overjoyed, to say the least, and the new service has become the talk of the Blind Clubs that meet throughout the region. We are therefore expecting an explosion in demand over the next year or so. There are 1100 visually impaired people in Lichfield alone and we reach only 400 of them. Growth in demand is running at 5 new listeners a week, at a cost of £60 per listener.

It is important to stress that no blind person is expected to pay a single penny towards this service. We would rather people that can afford to pay be given it for free than to drive away those that cannot afford to subscribe.

The Teams

No-one is asked to devote every Wednesday or Thursday to the Talking News. There are three teams of readers for each of those days and they come once every three weeks. There are also administrative, technical and general duties staff who do come most weeks.

Administrative & Technical

John May

Peter Fox
Keith Eagland
Ben McNair

The Reading Teams

Angela Reynolds
David Smith
Ben Moore
Jane Jones

Phil (Philomena) Dales

Frances Moore

Pat Neale

Sandra Butler
Pauline Mitchell
Jane Campian Hoye
Joe Cooper
Jan Allso

Some of our team in action.....










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